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A l McDivitt – the Blind Guy Tech

Long time ago in a far away land, I found a rock and carved out a computer…. OK maybe not, but when you consider I started with one of the first TRS80 computers and a cassette tape drive it sometimes feels a long long time ago.

Back then, TRS-80 computers with cassette tape drives were the norm, and over the years I have worked with DOS (aahh the days), all flavours of Windows, some Linux, and scripting on just about everything that has a processor. I have also written some commercial apps, several web sites/shopping carts and utilities.

I’ve taught myself Basic, PHP, HTML, Java, c++, python, all the scripting languages etc. And built many small and large computer systems and networks.

So along comes IoT and I am hooked! Recently, I’ve been playing with WEMOS, ESP8266, MCU’s and Raspberry Pi’s single board computers, generally having fun and learning new things, I wanted my tech to do stuff and these toys get it done.

Self taught with no formal tech education, I have never been interested in the fastest solution, just the one with the longest and most reliable “up time”.

I lost most of my vision to Cone Dystrophy about 12 years ago. With no distance, peripheral or colour, I am left with very close vision and shades of grey. My life completely changed, adapting to so many activity’s lost to you is hard. Fortunately, with the use of magnifiers, and a very understanding wife, and as long as no one says “I want it now”, I’m still still able to enjoy most forms of hobby electronics, technology, programming.

Now, you are probably asking “how does he see colour of wires, pins on chips and other very small stuff… I have made up my own code markings for bread board jumpers. lights and a strong magnifier assists in the soldering, parts placement and the such. Oh, there is also a little help from that patient wife, Shelley.

I like simple, so I try to keep what I write as simple as the subject will allow. My desire is for the reader to have a positive experience and have all the information there in one place so as to limit frustration. Many times throughout my life, I have purchased parts to follow the steps of a project, only to find some vital bit of information missing. Although I can’t promise not to make mistakes and miss a bit, me (and my OCD) will endeavour to never do this to you.

My main objective is to share my love and enthusiasm of IoT and what it can do. The enjoyment of providing information, fun projects and hits and tips; and you guy’s having a successful outcome to that project, or bragging rights around the water cooler about some news bits you read about here, is what I hope you will get. However, being Disabled, in my situation, is not high income, so, where you can, please support affiliate’s, advertisers etc., who support my blog.

​Thanks for reading…