Getting parts locally… at last!

Getting parts locally… at last!

Recently, amid all the current pandemic craziness, I had an urgent need for some parts; it was only 5 x esp8266’s, a few mini breadboards, couple of relay boards, etc., you get the idea… and you know how when prototyping customers like to keep prices low, so I’m also sourcing economically; oh and of course, as always, time is of the essence.

I was totally frustrated after two disappointing dealings with Australian suppliers. In one case the web order was processed and paid for, including fast shipping, but after a 10 days of no contact or order arriving, “I” followed up with the supplier myself only to find they did not have the stock. OK, a refund was issued, great, but does that help me recover the time lost for my client??.

Anyway, now for the good news…

Phipps Electronics – Australian supplier IOT electronic components

I have absolutely no affiliation with this company, just found them on the web when I was desperately searching for yet another supplier… they had what I needed, in stock and at a good price.

I could not have been more pleased with my dealings; had a nice chat on the phone, and emails kept me informed every step of the way, from order to arrival. Everything arrived on time, well packed and exactly as I ordered.

I know, sounds strange that I should get excited to find a company with service, reliability and price; it shouldn’t be unusual or special. But unfortunately, it is not always the case. I am not meaning to bag other suppliers, especially in these troubled times; I just feel that when someone (businesses included) does what is expected and so effortlessly, we should pass it on . so ……

Phipps Electronics link

Great place to buy stuff in Australia

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