KB-IDE for ESP32 IoT boards

KB-IDE for ESP32 IoT boards…. back in June 2019, MakerAsia released the KB-IDE. a new IDE for ESP-IDF and Arduino IDE, for Windows, MacOS, and Linux; with plans to support AVR and ARM, new boards, create plugins etc

In Block editor

I’ve used it with an TTGO T-WATCHER V1.3 ESP32 board. Users can program in Block mode (Visual programming) and Code editor (Both ESP-IDF and Arduino IDE) only for ESP32 Core.

There is a Board Manager, Plugins System etc. It is open source and open architecture which allow users to make changes and add new platform as well.

Plugins DHT, ThingSpeak,MQTT and a few others are there. Many Boards are present and the Arduino Uno R3 recently being added.

In code editor

Using the KB-IDE for only a short time has been an enjoyable experience, block mode is fun, but I really urge makers to work with code right from the start. With code, you can make things do what you want, not just what everyone else thinks you want. I hope to do more with KB-IDE and follow up with further posts… stay tuned

Download it, here …..https://kbide.org