Labeling jump wires can aid colorblind IOT Makers



Labeling jump wires can aid colorblind IOT Makers, you bet it can.

With my particular visual disability, one of the first things lost to me was colour, everything is now in shades of grey, a big change in life. But, I decided not to let it stop me doing what I love, one of them being a “maker”. So, I asked myself what would MacGyver do!

Does it matter how things look? Really, not much to me once they are a few feet away; nor time taken for a project, assuming we are doing this mostly for fun and learning.

I have found, for me, good localised lighting and magnification can be of some help with vision issues. Similar to this one on

But as far as being colour blind, we are on our own… so, my rather simple solution is to use words.

the WHITE signal PIN wire is obvious
Now I don’t have any trouble finding the yellow jumper wire going to GPIO pin 17

And… ta da! OMG is it to soon to talk about a nobel? I know it won’t change the world but it makes mine easier and a lot more fun to be in.

Alright, lets make some labelled jumper wires…

If you have poor close vision as well as colour blindness, you may need some help for a sighted person; and for some, this might be a good reason to ask a local centre, friendship or church group for a bit of a hand.

Some things that you will need..

Jumper Wires available from

Pen set available from

Vallejo Matt Varnish available from

I’ll present this as a step by step, its all kinda easy.

(1) Using a fine pen, write the colour names twice
on some white note paper; you will want one for each end of the jumper wire. Keep the writing small enough to be cut to fit on the square side of the jumper plugs.

(2) Now this takes some good sight, Lot’s of magnification and light, or my favourite, another person’s steady hand to do. Use a very sharp blade to cut out the words to fit .


(3) I used Vallejo Matt Varnish as both a glue and protective coating for my labels. Add a small amount of varnish to the flat end of the jumper wire.

(4) Position the label and push down lightly to secure. Then cover with a coat of varnish to protect everything.

And that’s all there is to it! Super easy… now it’s easy to find the other end of that yellow wire, even with our black and white or slightly grey view.