Announcing the new tech prep collection

Announcing the new tech prep collection… from comments and messages I have received since launching iotXplain, seems people want the IOT basics. You know, the blocks of information that hopefully make the light bulb go on.

So, I’m going to have a go at a long term project; posting “blocks” of tech “how to’s” of the basics, together with basic projects and anything else I think may promote and enhance knowledge and understanding of our tech passion.

I give you the new “TECH PREP Collection”

These “Tech Preps” will show “first things first”. For example; in order to code ESP32 in MicroPython you first need to Flash MicroPython firmware to it, then install and setup some sort of IDE/ Editor. Or, as another example, you need to first create a Raspberry Pi image on an SD Card before needing to know about Raspberry Pi USB Boot.

So, I’m going to post these basic blocks…. such as “how to flash MicroPython”,” how to create a Raspberry Pi image”, then “how to USB Boot Raspberry Pi” etc., first things first.

Together with story posts (the things I created successfully, the things I’ve screwed up) and lots of coding for projects, it should all be great fun it.