Thonny IDE Python GPIOmock handy tool

Thonny IDE Python

Handy tool for testing Raspberry Pi Code using GPIO pins when you don’t have a Pie around.

I use this rather old script by Grant Winney on GitHub

Simple to use get’s the job done.

If your developing on Windows and don’t have the RPi.GPIO package installed.

It outputs a message to the console that indicates its usage.

Copy the file into the same directory as any of the above scripts, then comment out the import

Rpi.GPIO Line:

# import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

And add this line after it:

# import GPIOmock as GPIO

Shake and bake in some code, you can end up with something like this…

Showing messages in the Thonny IDE shell about whats going on with the GPIO Pins.

Which is a simple tkinter GUI  for controlling a relay connected to GPIO pin 17.

When there is no RPi.GPIO package installed, I use GPIOmock to display massages 

As I said very handy, just really nice to know and can save you lots of time.

cheer’s AL