WiFi Mini ESP8266 RF 315 MHz Decoder

WiFi Mini ESP8266 RF 315 MHz Decoder, using the RC-switch library…

… sometimes it’s good to see thing’s as built and working examples.

Yes, that’s right the board is a faithful Wemos D1 mini Pro ESP8266EX, which, for me is a go to board for ESP-8266 builds when someone asks me to show them if an idea may be possible. They are now called “LOLIN D1 mini V3.1.0”, if you wanted to exactly duplicate this, but any ESP-8266 will get the job done.

You will need to install the RC-Switch library into your Arduino IDE.

You can get the library here

Add the zip file you downloaded to your Arduino IDE

Wire up your receiver as per the little mud map above.

Note: I’m using the D2 pin GPIO04 on the ESP8266.

Open Examples- rc-switch-ReceiveDemo_Simple

We need to make one little change to the sample code to set the receiver to our pin.

void setup() {
  mySwitch.enableReceive(4);  // set GPIO4 or D2  on the Wemos(Lolin) ESP8266EX D1 Mini 

Compile and upload as you would normally, reset the device, open the serial monitor and press a key on your transmitter.

You should be rewarded with codes showing like above.

There is sooooo!! much more to this subject/project. If I have sparked your interest… stay tuned.

Cheer’s Al